Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's all about perspective

Lately a few things have happened that have me thinking about Perspective, namely the way that different people see things, deal with things, interpret things. I think that sometimes it's easy to just get caught up in your own world and how you see and deal with things, you tend to forget that for others their view is slightly different or the total opposite, as the case may be.

The first conversation I had was with a very good friend of mine who has two beautiful little kids the same age as Muddy Preschooler and Muddy Girl 2 (really have to work out her nickname!). I offered to make a birthday cake for a mutual friend, and she commented that it was too much for me to do that with the kids. It was a preschool day so I only had my 3 youngest cherubs, so it would be easy (well easier than with 4), I said as much to her and she laughed. I hadn't thought anything of it, but she had thought it would be too much trouble. For her personally she is challenged by 2 children and baking a cake, but for me, it was easier with 3 than 4. My parenting perspective versus hers, both very valid and based on experience and what each of us is able to tolerate.

The second conversation I had was about the weather (Muddy Hubby's favourite topic). I was talking to a medical professional here in Sydney and he asked where I was from and we made small talk about farming etc, and I commented that 'I never thought my life would revolve so much around the weather', he very seriously stated that 'Yes, my life too revolves around the weather, whether it's sunny and I can go for a surf, whether it's raining and I can ride my bike to work'. For him that was his perspective and how the weather affected him, whilst for me I was thinking of our farming income, the fact that each day of rain meant a decline in the quality of our wheat and consequently in the price and then our income! PERSPECTIVE!

Then My Muddy Puzzler and I pulled out an old M. C. Escher Puzzle of mine from when I was a teenager (I used to love his puzzles and images). Again I was reminded that depending on how you look at something it can take on a whole new meaning. Not only that but also that just because someone has a different perspective does not mean it is any less valuable an opinion or idea or experience or choice.

Ascending and Descending
I know that it seems the most obvious thing in the world, that everyone sees things through different eyes, but for me it's been a really nice reminder to stop and listen (which I love to do), and remember to look at things from all angles, especially when making decisions.

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