Sunday, November 20, 2011

The little things

Sometimes it's easy to forget that it's the little things that keep our farm going, like checking the dam, the gates, fences, feed etc. As I am again a Harvest Widow (also at times known as a Sowing Widow or Shearing Widow) some of these jobs fall to me, my Muddy Mum-in-law and my Muddy Sister-in-law, we've each got a few mobs of sheep to check, dams and troughs to check and sometimes clean. I actually really enjoy doing these kids of jobs, keeps me busy and the girls always like a trip up the paddock.

Today I dispatched Muddy Girls 1 and 2 to a Naming Ceremony with my Muddy Sister-in-law and Muddy Girl 3 and I headed up the paddock, while Muddy Bubby stayed with Nana for come quiet time. Muddy Girl 3 and I don't get much one on one time together so it was nice to check sheep together. As always, she had a running commentary on everything, telling me where Muddy Hubby had shifted the sheep to and where the troughs and dams were we had to check. I'm glad she was on the ball! I just wish she was a little bit taller so she could do the opening and closing of gates, I counted 4 gates to open and shut both on the way up to the paddock and on the way back, at least my legs were getting a workout!

Stopping to check a trough, Muddy Girl 3, issues instructions from inside the ute!
 It's one of those Hazy days here, neither sunny nor cloudy, just a greyish haze, not really good for photos. The bright side is that it's too windy for it to rain and the wind helps to dry out our crops for stripping.
The sheep's hoofprints tell me they've been sneaking down for a drink, and lucky me none were bogged so I didn't have to pull any out of the mud!
Tomorrow's little job is to check the mob of sheep next to the yards, to make sure none got themselves stuck away from the water. I'm just hoping Muddy Hubby's fences are built strong, because fencing is one skill I have yet to master, I somehow get myself tied in knots with the wire each time I try to help!

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  1. She's so beautiful... I can totally see Muddy girl number 1 in her in this shot! :o) xo


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