Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Almost Dejavu

Today it rained AGAIN! Another 10mm, still nowhere near as bad as last year but enough to again put everyone on edge, people are trying their headers on wheat here, there and everywhere in an effort to try and get some crop stripped before any more rain, and yes they are predicting more. It's whispered in very hush hush tones, almost as if you say it in a normal voice it will make it real.

Last year was a very hard year, we didn't park the Header up in the shed until February and it's normally all cleaned out and parked up before Christmas. Sometimes right up til Christmas but never through Christmas. Last year Muddy Hubby and the boys went to work stripping wheat on Christmas Day, needless to say it wasn't the happiest Christmas we've had, but at least we were together as a family.

The rain just didn't seem to want to stop coming last year, our road was covered in water, enough so that Muddy Hubby could surf down the table drain to the front gate being pulled by the ute. The girls could be pulled along in their washing basket boat almost to the mailbox. You almost needed a boat to get out to the highway, as the water was part way up the doors on the ute. The most depressing part was watching the wheat crops go under water. The Castlereagh River is a dry river, it flows underground and only flows above ground when there is lots of rain, last year it ran for a few weeks. Then there's the wheat that shoots in the heads of wheat, pretty impressive looking, but not really worth much!
Muddy Girl 2 in her washing basket boat

Muddy Hubby pulling the girl's boat through the paddock

Castlereagh River flowing through our Wheat Crop

A very memorable year was last year, but as the thunderstorm rolled in tonight I was starting to feel that icky feeling of what if that rain doesn't stop. Then I really need to slap myself on the wrist because a couple of years ago we were the opposite, in drought and praying for rain. We really do just have to suck it up and make the most of a bad situation, because like life farming is swings and roundabouts. I just never thought my life would be so dependant on the weather!

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