Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not so easy!

It's getting hotter by the day here and with the foreboding of rain coming (PLEASE NOT ANOTHER WET HARVEST) it's all steamy and sweaty, so I've been putting Muddy Bubby in some cooler summer clothes. Now pretty much all of Muddy Bubby's clothes are hand me downs or loaners, my Muddy Sister-in-law has 3 little boys and has kindly gifted us with boxes of their clothes which they've outgrown. As with 3 Muddy Girls we didn't have much blue in the house.

Funky Muddy Bubby

 Anyway one of the very cute items we have been dressing Muddy Bubby in is the Bonds Easysuit, it is way cool with a white background and funky shades of blue spots. The only problem I'm finding is that the Bonds Easysuit ain't so easy! It's got elastic so you put it over the head and then stretch it to pull on over Muddy Bubby's feet.

The Stretchy Elastic

Now I'm thinking this thing was not designed by someone who regularly uses it, or dresses kids, because they are bloody hard to put on! Every time I pull it out because I want Muddy Bubby to look cool and funky he starts screaming as I squash his chubby legs up in an effort to stretch the leg holes over his feet. So really, the Easy Suit isn't so easy. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Bonds stuff, I wear VERY comfortable Bonds Knickers, as do my Muddy Girls and Muddy Hubby, and the Muddy Girls lived in Wondersuits, and Muddy Bubby has been given some gorgeous Bonds suits that he is yet to grow into, it's just Bonds have really disappointed me with their Easysuit.

Muddy Bubby's Chubby Thighs

Some days I do wonder if I'm doing something wrong, if I've got the technique wrong or I'm putting it on back to front??? Because surely someone wouldn't design something that is so hard to put on?? Please Mr Bonds if I'm doing it wrong let me know!!

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