Friday, November 18, 2011

Revived with Colour and Friendship

I had forgotten how good it feels to have time for myself. To enable myself to relax and think about just me for a little while. My beautiful new car has already hit 10,000km so it needed a service, and it also needed the roof racks fitted, which the dealer forgot about when we bought the car! This meant they would need the car for all of the morning and a little bit of the afternoon. Lucky for me my wonderful mother agreed to look after Muddy Bubby for the day, so I dropped the Muddy Girls at Day Care and set off for the Main St for some time on my own! I even managed to fit in a sneaky Pedicure after dropping my car off!

As soon as Day Care drop off over, straight for a coffee and a quiet read of Style,
while checking out the happenings in the main street.
The highlight of my day though was lunch and an afternoon of shopping with a VERY good friend. I hadn't seen my friend Jen in a few months, in fact last time I saw her I was still pregnant with Muddy Bubby, so I was very much looking forward to a good catch up. We hit the best Cafe in town for a long lunch, including  dessert, then we did a spot of shopping in one of the little gift shops in town (there's only 2 of them). I'm not sure that after my little spending spree Muddy Hubby will be letting me spend the whole day in town on my own again. I scored some BEAUTIFUL new earrings (Thank You Jen), a new wallet (who knew Eel Skin could be so soft), a lovely necklace and I managed to tick off some birthday, baby and Christmas presents on the list too.

A spot of shopping helps to soothe my soul. I've got a thing for Blue at the moment.

My Beautiful New Wallet, with a HUGE amount of card slots
All in all a lovely day, I came home feeling very refreshed and lighter in my heart, and the day was capped off by the spectacular coloured sunset. Muddy Hubby always says that a red sunset means no rain and a red sunrise means it's going to rain. Needless to say he was pretty happy to see red in the sky, and today he's headed back north with the aim of getting the Header going again, Fingers Crossed.

Red in the Morning Shepherd's Warning, Red at Night, Shepherd's Delight

Much to Muddy Hubby's Delight, he took the Red Sunset as the rain is gone for a bit - Lets get back into it!

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