Thursday, December 1, 2011

One of those days

Do you ever wake up and have that feeling that 'it's going to be one of those days....'. The day started out OK (I do always try to start the day thinking positively), in fact the day started out like a dream ALL of our Muddy Kids slept in. My Muddy Puzzler was the first one up but even that was after 6:30 which is unheard of!

Then.....I didn't make my bed. I always make my bed. It's just the one thing I do as it helps me feel like I'm starting the day off on the right foot. If I don' make it, it's because I've stripped the sheets straight away and I'm going to wash them, either way it's a god way for me to start the day.

Then I couldn't make it because Muddy Hubby put the suitcase on top, and things just went downhill. It wasn't so much that lots of big things went wrong, I just couldn't get a rhythm going in my day, my head felt like it was mush, and I'd start one task only to get distracted and start another and forget about the first one, til I had started about 10 things but hadn't finished a single one. I HATE THAT. It makes me feel stagnant, unproductive and like I'm treading water rather than moving forward and not getting a sense of completion on anything.

So I decided to start my day again. I went back and stripped my bed of the sheets and made it with fresh clean sheets! One of my favourite things is getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets, there's just something so calming and cosy about it. From there my day improved, for the space of about 2 hours, not bad really, I actually completed a couple of tasks then I went into town and my productiveness was over. The wait at the Doctors, leaving my wallet at home and picking up 3 very tired Muddy Girls, as well as an extremely hungry Muddy Bubby because we were running behind schedule all combined to make for a very strained remainder of my day.

Now though my evening is looking up! I've had a bit of a vent (thank you for the wonderful world of blogging), I'm up to date on all my Words With Friends games and Stalkbook happenings, and I'm enjoying the alone time (Muddy Hubby is up the paddock) before bed. My day comes to a close and I get to climb into a bed with clean fresh sheets. Tomorrow morning though, I think I'll make my bed straight away, because I'm not sure my nerves are up to another one of those days!

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