Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heart Sick

Muddy Hubby and I came to Sydney a few days ago, with the intention of only staying two nights. We'd go to our appointment and head home the next day. As they say the best laid's now been 4 nights away and this morning Muddy Hubby flew home to our eldest two Muddy Girls.
It's not that I mind being in Sydney (in fact I love a Sydney mini-break) but being the organised person I am I am not coping well with the unplanned extension. Firstly I definitely did not pack enough clothes for any of us, secondly I didn't pack enough formula or nappies and thirdly and most importantly, I am not coping at all well being away from two of my Muddy Tribe. Not only am I constantly worrying about their routine, getting to the bus on time, making sure the lunch box is packed for preschool just the way Muddy Prsechooler likes it, but I'm worried that they're missing us too.

I feel heart sick being away from them. We check in twice a day on the phone, my Muddy in-laws are yet to discover Skype! All reports are that they are having a lovely time, they even slept in for them (an unheard of thing in our house) and I am sure they are getting thoroughly loved and spoilt. It doesn't help that my very well meaning Muddy Mum-in-law says in happy tones, 'you don't need to worry you know', as if it's the simplest thing in the world being away from your children!

Now while I will miss Muddy Hubby as I stay on for a few more days with Muddy Bubby and Muddy Girl 3, I feel a little less heart sick knowing they'll be sleeping in their own beds, playing with their own toys and at home with their Daddy. I have no doubt they are VERY well looked after by the Muddy in-laws, but there's something about wanting your kids to be with their parents to feel complete and safe.

I am very much looking forward to all of my Muddy Family being together again (in hopefully the not too distant future), and know that I won't feel complete until we're all sleeping under the same roof again. Then I'd give it a day or two and I'll be wishing for another mini-break as they all start pushing each other to the limit!!
Muddy Preschooler - God Bless the Camera Phone so you can always have photos of your kids on hand!

Cheeky! Muddy Girl 2

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