Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mail Day

One of the small joys we have 3 times a week is the day we call 'Mail Day'. 3 times a week the postman brings our mail and deposits it in the mailbox. Even more exciting is when there is one of those little cards saying you have a parcel or special letter that you need to come into the post office to collect. I live for these little cards as they're either a present or surprise being sent or (and this is more common) it's my online shopping arriving! Now I hadn't had one of these little cards in a while and I had been expecting several things in the mail, most importantly Muddy Bubby's birth certificate and my new Inner B Diary that I ordered.

It had been 8 weeks since I applied for Muddy Bubby's birth certificate, and I thought that was a fair amount of time for the registry of Births Deaths and Marriages to get my form and print out the official certificate, so I contacted them and they printed a new one and sent it again, presuming it was lost. Again 2 weeks pass and no little card. Then I am anxiously awaiting my new diary, as appointments for 2012 are already coming in thick and fast, but again no little card. I checked with the online shop, yes it's been sent, it should be there..........but no little card for us on mail day :(

So, not being an overly patient person I call the post office, 'yes there is a parcel here for you, no it's not that consignment number!', so I start to ask about the birth certificate, 'yes it's here, actually there's 2 here, oh and I just found your parcel!' I was so excited, not only was Muddy Bubby's birth certificate there, but I would get my new diary and a bonus parcel on my next trip to town, which was today.

You know what.......they lost my precious parcel with my new diary in it. 'I'm really sorry we can't find it', despite the fact that 2 days ago you told me it was here and it definitely wasn't in our letterbox yesterday (I wouldn't have missed a parcel as our letterbox is too small!). I was very disheartened by my mailman, as he is the one that sends out the little cards, but obviously hadn't been (does he not realise just how happy those cards make me???), not only that but he has managed to lose my diary how is that possible in a not very big country post office??????

Turns fell behind a cupboard. The post office just rang and they've found it, THANK GOD! I tell you what this Inner B diary better be worth it! I'll let you know if it is.

Inner B

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