Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Cup

Today is Melbourne Cup Day!! I'm not sure why, but I always get a little bit excited when it's Melbourne Cup Day. It's not like I grew up around horses, or horse races or placing bets or anything like that. Actually come to think of it, horses and I have never ever got along very well, they either spit on me, throw me off or go anywhere but where I want them to! So really, by rights I should be turning off the TV at 3 O'clock and forgetting there is even a horse race on. But alas, it draws me in EVERY YEAR!!!

I always like to place a little bet if I can, the problem being that as an at home Mum at present, my options for betting are very limited! It's not like I can run a sweep with my Muddy Hubby and 4 Muddy children, nor can I just pop down the street to place a bet (wouldn't that look good, a Mum with 4 kids betting!) when town is 30kms away, it's not worth the trip. That leaves online betting! I did try this, a couple of years ago, I felt very seedy doing it, almost like I was trying to hide a gambling problem (must be all that advertising sinking in). It's actually very easy to set up an account, you give them your details and then credit card details and a few mouse clicks and your bets are made.

So, you ask, why don't I just do that again? Well you see after you initially set up your account they then send you forms and info and request that you go and have your identify verified to maintain your account. I got countless emails about this, but decided that I didn't actually want to be the proud owner of an online betting account, so I let it slide, but come today when no-one is heading into town who can place a bet for me, I'm kind of wishing I did have that account!

The Melbourne Cup for our household really does mean drop everything and watch, the girls know where the hands on the clock need to be before we turn on the horse race. I think it's actually a bit nice to have this one Australian tradition carried on by my Muddy family, even if it only means a few minutes of joint attention of cheering on our horses, it's still Muddy family time.

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