Monday, November 21, 2011

The Joy of a Smile

This morning when I rolled over and opened my eyes, as I heard three little sets of feet come wandering down our hallway, I saw the red sunrise, red light reflected through my window onto the bedroom wall. Now while the light was a beautiful colour, I also knew it meant it was going to rain (Red in the morning shepherds warning!). It took a few hours, but eventually it arrived and it's still raining, that slow gentle rain, that is continual and just adds up in the rain gauge. This afternoon this is what the rain clouds looked like and it still pretty much looks like this, it's not moving anywhere anytime soon. Which is a little bit depressing and really doesn't make for a happy Muddy Hubby. In fact it makes a grumpy housebound Muddy Hubby!

Someone must have been looking over us today though, as miracle of miracle, both our 2 eldest Muddy Girls actually had a decent daytime sleep! Pretty much unheard of nowadays, they both have my stubborn streak and fight a day rest with every ounce of their being.

This rest time meant I had some just lovely time with Muddy Girl 3 and Muddy Bubby. In the midst of my Words With Friends addiction ( I admit it, I am 100% addicted), I took some pics of Muddy Bubby on the iPhone and continue to be enraptured by our little Muddy Bubby. The way his expressions change in the blink of an eye, how he can go from serious to smiling, from chubby to slim, depending on how he's held or looking at you. It will forever light me up from the inside.

Chilling out while Mummy plays Words With Friends!
So Funny!

Chatting away

What is that in your hand?

So in this dreary depressing weather the joy of my Muddy Tribe's smiles help to bring sunshine and happiness to this house! The rain is set to stick around for a few days, it's a bit too early to bring out the Christmas Tree, which is what we did last year when it started raining like this, I think I'm going to have to be a little creative about how we keep ourselves entertained, to ensure we keep smiling!

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  1. Oh look at him... he's growing so fast and becoming such a beautiful little character! Awww, look forward to a squeeze at Christmas :o)
    BIG bummer about the rain :o( Hope it clears real soon, if only it knew the trouble it is causing xo


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