Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cooling Down

The rain is gone (for now, expected back tomorrow onwards) and it has been HOT HOT HOT here, it has pushed us all to breaking point and exhaustion. We only have air-con in a couple of rooms, and being confined to them with 4 Muddy Kids gets a little bit trying at times. The kids don't have air-con in their rooms, so rest time is a little bit of a challenge, as is bed time when it's steamy and there's no relief. Our favourite part of the day has become the late afternoon, when enough shade comes across to be able to pull out the paddling pool. It's like a total mood change happens as soon as we pull out the swimmers, and outside we go.

I had one of these same paddling pools as a kid, I can vividly remember my Dad filling it up for me, and splashing around in it for ages. So for me I am loving reliving my youth with buying one of these for my kids. The Muddy Girls spends ages playing in the water, moving water from one place to the next and wetting each other! It's the best $23 I have spent (we're on our second one, as we wore out the first one) and gets us through a long HOT summer, even Muddy Hubby likes to have a sit in it when he's around and the Muddy kids are playing, or even if they're not.

Happy Muddy Girls

Muddy Preschooler Cooling Down

Muddy Bubby and I taking it all in.


  1. Nothing quite like the wading pool and this one certainly takes me back in time too :o) Love the pics of the girls... and bubba's little tiny feet... gorgeous! xo

  2. Thanks J, for taking the trip down memory lane with me! It's the best we can do with the beach so far away!


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