Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Laundry Run

I have said before how lucky I feel I am to live where I live (at least when the weather's doing what Muddy Hubby wants it to do). Today was another fantastic reminder of how lucky we are. Muddy Hubby and the crew have been stripping our wheat up North since Friday, so today it was time to do a run up, take some more meals up and bring home 4 men's dirty washing, so they can have some clean clothes sent back up in a day or so. Before Muddy Bubby was born we used to pile the Muddy kids into the trusty dual cab and off we'd go, now it's my trusty Kluger (which I absolutely adore) which has already proven itself able to cross paddocks when needed! So I packed up all 4 Muddy Kids, made a couple of batches of muffins, made a couple of phonecalls to see if there were any extra special requests for me to bring up, and away we went.

The boys camp in swags in a variety of caravans, trucks and old bed frames, the toilet is a long drop, with an old toilet sitting on top (very flash compared to what it used to be) and the shower is a bit of poly pipe hung in a tree with a shower head screwed on the end, very classy and so not my cup of tea, but more than functional for Muddy Hubby and the crew (my Dad included, Pitt St Farmer that he is).

We arrived just in time to have morning smoko with Muddy Hubby, while he waited for his turn to load his road train full of wheat to cart into the silos. The Muddy Kids had a great time checking out the caravan and finding out who was sleeping where, trying out the beds etc etc.

They got to ride in the road train up to where they were loading wheat, then Muddy Girl 1, Muddy Bubby and I jumped in the tractor with the chaser bin and collected a couple of loads of wheat from the header. Our day was captured in pictures by Muddy Girl 1 who commandeered the camera and took some not bad photos that sum up our day.

At the end of the day I've come home with 4 very tired, but very happy Muddy Kids and 4 Dusty (not Muddy) bags of washing, and the reminder that we are lucky to be living the life we live.

Muddy Girls 2 and 3 checking out the water set up

Bottle time for Muddy Bubby and rest time for Muddy Brother-in-law

Muddy Hubby in the road train

Muddy Bubby's first ride in the tractor (I love my Baby Bjorn)

The overloaded Header unloading wheat into the Chaser Bin
Waiting for the Header in the tractor with Grandpa


  1. I spy Grandpa in the mirror in the Baby Bjorn photo!

  2. What a beautiful life. Thanks for the link Rah. I wouldn't mind a muddy life myself, one with goats. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments.

    We'll pass on the goats, the last goat we had - Daisy Goat, ate my washing and the girls refused to leave the house while she was around!

    We're thinking of getting some pigs though and some new Ducks!


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