Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Car Sickness Gene

I have always been blessed with a relatively strong stomach (Thank Goodness), I have never got car sick, I can read, write, do practically anything while the car is in motion and not get sick. Muddy Hubby on the other hand (and all his siblings) are afflicted with the car sickness gene. My Muddy-in-laws always talk about how horrible their car trips were as they all had ice cream containers, were always pulling up because someone was sick, and, when you live west of the Sandstone Curtain, you can't get to the lovely coast for holidays without traversing long and winding roads. Needless to say the same applies to us, for us to reach the coast we have to go through windy mountain roads. We thought we were doing pretty well with our Muddy Girl 1, until she turned 2 and started to be sick on car trips, I thought that's not too bad, one sick child. Unfortunately the car sickness gene has struck again and our Muddy Girl 3 gets car sick on most long trips.

Yesterday (thanks to the horrendous rain) Muddy Hubby and I have squeezed in a quick trip to the coast for an appointment. We left Muddy Girls 1 and 2 behind and bought with us the two littlest Muddy Kids. The trip started out OK, both cherubs slept for the first leg, and just as we pulled up for our first stop Muddy Girl 3, lost her morning tea. It breaks my heart to see any of my kids sick, especially when there's not much you can do to help them. We cleaned her up, let her walk around for a bit and get some fresh air and she insisted on having something to eat!

The next leg again started out OK, Muddy Girl 3 filled Muddy Bubby's capsule with books, a hat and her water bottle. Then just as we were heading through Lithgow, Muddy Girl 3 started to lose her lunch, she held tightly to the ice cream container, willing herself not to be sick. Muddy Hubby's theory is that you should just sleep through it, so we encouraged her to close her eyes and go to sleep. I have never seen her close her eyes so tightly! But eventually she went to sleep and slept til just a few minutes before we got to Nana and Grandpa's house. I am not looking forward to the drive back and I am praying that the car sickness gene doesn't strike Muddy Bubby! In the meantime we'll try the car sickness lolly pops, the wrist bands and if worse comes to worse Phenergan! Anything to help stop my Muddy Kids feeling so sick and miserable, because it breaks my heart every time.

Muddy Girl 3 uses the Capsule as her storage

That look of pure misery

Please let me sleep

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