Monday, November 14, 2011

I love the space

As a mum to 4 Muddy Kids I do sometimes feel like I'm pushed to the limit. Some days are brilliant, some days run very smoothly, with only a few little hiccups (a day with no hiccups is an improbability), and other days not only do I feel like I'm chasing my tail, but feel like, if one more thing goes wrong I just might cross over into insanity. It's these days that I love the space. I love the fact that we have several thousand acres on which to entertain the Muddy Kids. I love that I have the space to have a fantastically big house yard, and an orchard (thank you to the Muddy in-laws for establishing when they lived here) in which the girls can explore.

Friday was one of those insane days, it started out pretty OK with my fabulous Card Party and once it was over things went pear shaped pretty quickly, I had 2 very tired Muddy Girls, one overtired Muddy Bubby and one Muddy Preschooler to pick up who would also be tired. Things just seemed to steam roll until Muddy Girl 3 covered herself and MY bedroom in PERMANENT Red Marker, right before we had to race out the door to meet the bus. In case you wanted to know Eucalyptus oil and Hairspray work wonders at removing permanent marker on a wide range of surfaces, including the doona cover and Muddy Girls.

I won't bore you with all the little things that made my day a shocker, but by the end of it we all went to bed exhausted and I resolved to have a fresh start in the morning. It's the space that helped, we spent a lovely morning outside, exploring in the orchard, playing on the swings, running around outside. After rest time we got out the paddling pool and had more fun with the space, with no neighbours to annoy and no limit to the fun that could be had.

Don't get me wrong, I think the city is fabulous and I love it ('spoken like a city slicker' as Muddy Hubby would say), it's just for me as a Muddy Farmwife and mum of 4 Muddy Kids, for me the space is my saving grace, the one thing that turns my world from insane to delightful.

Muddy Preschooler exploring the Fig Tree

Muddy Girl 3 exploring the garden

Muddy Girl 3 ALWAYS loves a good Hat

The Red Permanent Marker on some chubby legs

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