Saturday, November 12, 2011

My second love......Stationary

Oh how I LOVE a good bit of Stationary! I go all weak at the knees every time I get a catalogue for Officeworks or look through our Office Stationary Catalogue. I especially LOVE cards, wrapping paper, note paper. These are things I think you can never have enough of, as they are a fabulous way of sending thank yous, letting people know you're thinking of them and of course to mark special occasions. I have found the most lovely range of cards, gift wrap and note cards from Phoenix Trading and we are lucky enough (one of the few times we are out here) to have a consultant working out here.

Now I am not really a partyplan kind of person, I'd rather just invite my friends around for a good catch up rather than invite them over to have a salesperson try and push their product onto them. In saying that though Phoenix (or at least our consultant out here) is the total opposite, she simply sets up, has a chat while we have a cuppa and then you can just browse and pick out things you like and anything she doesn't have she orders in and it arrives within a week! EASY! So, I was brave and hosted a Card Party. Muddy Hubby thought it was hilarious, kept cracking jokes about 'Do you even know how to play 500' or 'Have you brushed up on your gin rummy rules'. Then he got jealous when he saw the morning tea spread I put on!

Some of the lovely cards I purchased to stock up my supply

Some Funky Notecards and Christmas Cards
I now think I have enough cards and notecards to last through next year (and possibly beyond, but don't tell Muddy Hubby). I am also feeling braver about the party plan thing, they're still not my favourite thing, but with the right person, can make for a lovely morning!

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  1. can you save the cupcake card for my birthday next year? :)


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