Monday, November 7, 2011

I like to call it Happy Hour

This morning the Muddy Kids and I packed ourselves up and took off for a morning playdate at the house of a little boy that Muddy 1 goes to Pre School with and a little Girl that Muddy 2 and 3 go to Day Care with. Now this house it set up for kids, there are 4 little cherubs living in this house, 3 girls and a boy, a family made up just like ours, except in different order. It was such a lovely morning, Muddy Bubby was happy to chill out for a bit before his bottle and the Muddy Girls were more than amply entertained both inside and outside the house with an abundance of play equipment and toys. It was a just lovely morning, no fighting, no crying, just good old fashioned happy playing. With the added bonus of a couple of cups of good coffee and a yummy morning tea for us Mums.

The other side of a lovely morning out, is the sleep factor. We live 30kms out of town, we were headed 5 kms out the other side of town, so, by the time we got there Muddy Girl 3 was sound asleep, and of course woke up straight away so as not to miss out on anything. Now one would think that the trip home would send all 4 cherubs into a nice snooze, but alas only Muddy Girl 2 nodded off. Now we're home and all 4 cherubs are ready to continue partying. We've tried the quiet lying down, some joint lying down in the lounge room and even a boring TV show, but alas they are all awake still! No rest or quiet time for me today.

Three very awake Muddy Girls

It's not the lack of any respite today that concerns me, it's as the dinner, bath, bed hour draws closer that everything will go pear shaped due to the lack of day time rest. I have friends that call it Acid Hour, or Cranky Time etc etc, but for me I prefer to call it Happy Hour, because if I just focus hard enough I can imagine in a few time when they're all a bit older and able to function a little better with no daytime rest or quiet time, that this time of the day will for me be Happy Hour, with a glass of chilled white wine, some nibbles and good friends around!! So rather than call it something yucky I am already focused on the good times ahead.

Ahhhh good times ahead

For now though I need to refocus on being organised for the rest of the day and the happy hour ahead, to minimise the impact, early bath and dinner and some quiet reading before bed. However as they say the best laid plans........

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