Monday, October 31, 2011

The Left Hand Side

OK, so we live in Australia and in Australia we drive on the left hand side of the road, even on dirt country roads, you might drive up the middle (or the least bumpy track) but if another car comes along you move to the left hand side. I'm pretty happy with this arrangement. It's ordered, it's law and everyone knows that when you're on the road you drive on the left hand side.  Because this works for me (and I do like order), I apply it to all other parts of my life. If I'm walking on the footpath I walk on the left hand side. If I'm walking towards someone and we're going to collide, I automatically move to....the left hand side. Most importantly in the grocery store with a trolley I stick to the left hand side!! For me a trolley classifies as a vehicle, it's got four wheels and often has to carry all my children at once, so of course automatically I apply road rules - stick to the left! Unfortunately I don't think everyone shares my view on this, as countless times I have come round the corner into a new grocery aisle and collided with someone coming the opposite way on my side of the aisle!

So for some this might seem petty, but for me with 4 children loaded onto, or next to, the trolley I need some order to follow. The trolleys are generally a bit wild and hard enough to push, so then trying to swerve across to the other side of the aisle, because someone wasn't considerate enough to stick to their left hand side creates a mighty challenge and often results in collision between the trolleys or even worse, one of the kids and the trolley, neither of which are very fun!

Now I know everyone has a right to choose where they walk, and where they push their trolley, but for me, I think there should be an unspoken agreement that if you're pushing something with wheels, be it a pram or trolley....stick to the left hand side! It would make mine, and I'm sure many other mum's lives just that little bit easier!


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