Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New List!

Happy New Year Everybody! I saw in the New Year fast asleep after wrangling 3 Muddy Kids on Grandpa's boat for the 9pm fireworks and today was spent driving the long drive home from Sydney.

It's photos like this that put a photography course on my Bucket List

I'm not a big one for New Year's Resolutions but I've been thinking a bit about the year ahead and what I'm most looking forward to as well as things I'd like to achieve in my own little world for the year. If I don't get them done, no dramas, I'll try again in 2013. I thought I'd share my thoughts with you, I LOVE a good list and just couldn't help myself. If you've got any ideas on how to help me work through my Bucket List (Thank you Laura for the title) please feel free to share your tips for me (trust me I'll need all the help I can get).

Things I'm looking forward to in 2012

·  Muddy Preschooler starting Big School and all the adventures that come with that
·  Muddy Pixie starting Preschool and having a place that's just for her
·  Muddy Puzzler starting to toilet train (also dreading this at the same time, but looking forward to when she has it mastered)
·  Muddy Bubby growing and changing into an active little boy and discovering his personality more
·  A hopefully good rainfall for sowing with a nice crop for harvest
·  A return to work in August
·  Spending time with family and friends
·  Having family fun times
·  Exploring the wonderful world of blogging, working to find my own little voice in the www
·  Getting back into exercise in some shape or form

My Bucket List for 2012

·  Find a local SLR course (or internet one) and do it, so I can hopefully take better photos
·  Volunteer for school canteen
·  Make an appointment with a Nutritionist and follow through with some (I'm not going to kid myself and say all) of her suggestions so we can be a healthier Muddy household
·  Borrow a book a month from the local library and read it, rather than just let it sit there
·  Use my new Food Processor once a month to show Muddy Hubby just how much we needed it!
·  Throw a birthday party for each of my Muddy Kids (they've been a bit neglected the last few years!
·  Make some time for me on my own at least once every 6 months
·  Aim for two date nights with Muddy Hubby
·  Make a new friend (or more than one) pushing my comfortable boundaries

From my Muddy Family to you and your families we hope you have a Fabulous 2012 with lots of fun, frivolity, love and laughter ahead.


  1. Good bucket MFW, though reading it does make me feel a little overwhelmed and a bit hopeless that I have nothing specifically set out to achieve in 2012. There's lots swimming around in this head of mine, but nothing set in stone ;o)
    I think your pic is just lovely, it encapsulates all that is New Year's on Sydney Harbour... and could that be Muddy Puzzler blocking her ears?! Hah! xo

  2. I love your bucket list , i am resolute in having no resolutions but plenty of good intentions similar to yours with my twins starting school. Canteen , DSLR course , health and fitness to mention a few.

  3. J - You don't need a list or resolutions, you do a fantastic job with your busy boys. Start with the holiday you deserve!
    Trish - thanks for your comment, twice the excitement with your twins starting school, busier times ahead for us.
    Happy New Year

  4. Great list! I've got the big picture sorted but really need something more like this, more definable. I have my 2nd child off to big school too this year (gulp!).


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