Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simple ones are the best

With our time in Sydney drawing to a close My Muddy Tribe are all very tired and
getting crankier by the second. We have had a busy week and when we're at Nana and
Grandpa's house they go a bit stir crazy inside, so we've cracked open a few
presents to keep them occupied outside.

A Mum from home once said to me the best presents are the ones they open and can use
straight away, because they're not waiting for batteries or help from Mum and Dad,
they're just into them and occupied!

These are the presents that have entertained My Muddy Girls the most this week in
their down time. Bubbles, Bubbles and More Bubbles. Of Course the Water Play, while
needs some help to plug in the hose, has kept them plenty entertained.

Thank You Aunty Laura

Thank You Chrissy

Thank You Annie and Maggie

Challenging hopping in water!
What are your hit presents?
How do you keep the kids entertained when they're over tired and not ready for bed?

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