Friday, January 20, 2012


Tiredness is a funny thing. You can be going along just fine and then suddenly you can keep going no more, your eyes droop, you can't concentrate on anything for very long and you are forgetting things. For the last two weeks, we've got up, got ourselves organized and headed into swimming lessons every day. Today was the last day (hooray) and now we're home I'd really love a sleep. The tiredness which has been looming for the last two weeks has decided it's time for a rest.

It's not that the swimming lessons weren't worth it, they definitely were, but the physical and emotional toll has been more difficult. Mainly the emotional toll. It took a few days but my Muddy Preschooler began to enjoy the lessons, and by the end she was about up to where everyone else was on day 3, but she was happy and we were very proud that she learnt some new skills and improved her confidence in the water.

My Muddy Pixie though had me crying on several occasions, in the pool and out of it. She had started out OK but by day 3 would cry and scream through the entire lesson. One day we had a stand off in the pool for ten minutes because she refused to paddle, something she had already done on day 1. Then yesterday, the second last day, she merely protested a couple of times, but actually started to paddle on the noodle on her own. I was very proud of her, but at the same time frustrated that it had taken her so long to get back to where she had started.

I always struggle when my Muddy Kids cry, it goes straight to my heart and to see her do it every day was very tough. My theory though was if I gave up and let her get out of the pool, that I wasn't likely to get her back in any time soon, so we persevered and today I am dead tired. I have 50% of My Muddy kids asleep, but the two that should be as tired as I feel, are full of beans, so no sneaky nap will be coming anytime soon. And so we plod on, tired and slowly, maybe tomorrow a full day at home will help to revive us all.

Who knew they got to play in a boat on their last day?

They loved it though

The cheeky gang, born together, swimming together, starting school together!

The second round of babies

Do you have any tricks for getting your kids to have a day time rest?
Did you do swimming lessons and feel as tired as I do?

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  1. The 'only' thing that manages to slow the big A down is watching tele... and I don't like to call on that too often. He is pretty good if Felix is having a nap though, he will slow the pace somewhat for the duration. But I DO only have two children, so my advice is fairly useless ;o)
    Love the pics, what a great looking pool! And well done to the Muddy gals for their achievements xo


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