Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Grass Wee

When my Muddy Preschooler started toilet training and we were outside and knew she wasn't going to make it inside we'd get her to 'just do a grass wee', she'd pull off her undies and go on the grass, she would still prefer to use the toilet but if we got stuck she was happy to go outside. Muddy Preschooler we tried the 3 day toilet training program with, and it worked very well, it was also our first go as parents so we wanted to do the right thing.

When My Muddy Pixie started toilet training same rules applied, except we didn't do the 3 day thing, we followed her lead, it took longer but we got there.

Now we face the challenge of the Muddy Puzzler, a strong willed little thing. We had dabbled a little with wearing undies but hadn't been consistent, until this week! We have reinforcements this week, with my parents visiting to help out with swimming lessons, so into undies she went.

Muddy Puzzler had picked them out herself 'Timmy Undies' she calls them as they have pictures of Timmy Time on them. Initially she started out on the toilet, but somehow for some unknown reason she will now only do them on the grass. The Muddy Puzzler is getting very good, she tells us when she's ready to go, then bolts out the front door, strips off her undies and assumes the 'sumo' position, as she gradually straddles her legs wider and wider before she lets go. It really is hilarious to watch, we've upped the rewards if she goes on the toilet but this has not worked. It's starting to get a little problematic.

It's not that I mind her doing grass wees, I think she's doing a fantastic job in a short space of time, what's nagging in my mind is the conversation I had with the day care teacher when I first started training the Muddy Preschooler she said to me 'we have a small problem some times with our farming families, where the kids just strip off and go outside, and they really need to be using the toilet'. I can remember laughing at the time, and now, we're one of those 'farming families' whose kids don't know how to go inside!

We have 2 weeks to get her back inside before she starts day care again and at the moment I'm really not sure how I'm going to get her there. Any tips or suggestions most welcome, because at the moment I'm getting to ready to rename her 'the sumo' as she assumes the position for her outside time.

Muddy Puzzler doesn't quite look this angry though

What toilet training method did you use?
What rewards worked for your kids?


  1. I am no good to you... I am toilet training twins and they are both partial to a 'bush wee' after camping over the holiday period! At least the little guy is weeing on my citrus fruit trees giving them some free fertiliser!

    Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog. Another speech pathologist with four children huh? We are taking over the world! x

  2. Oh this is cute, love your Muddy Puzzler :o)
    Timmy Time??? Never heard of that one.
    Angus was pretty good with the toilet training, so I haven't encountered this type of thing... YET! Felix will undoubtedly test every fibre of my being when it comes time ;o) xo

  3. No assvice but lots of giggles. I am just hoping my boys don't go outside when they start school.


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