Monday, January 2, 2012

5 Years Today

This morning I woke up and I cried (no this is not a sympathy, woe is me post), I cried because I was remembering a woman I loved with all my heart. Today it is exactly 5 years since my beautiful Grandmother passed away. When she passed away I was 36 weeks pregnant with my Muddy Preschooler and I remember thinking she was invincible, she's made it to 92, surely she'll make it another month. Exactly one month and one day after she passed away My Muddy Preschooler was born.

We had spent Christmas in Sydney and shared a lovely family Christmas, including my Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins. Muddy Hubby and I left Sydney on New Years Day and we stopped in and said goodbye before we left. As we were leaving she asked 'What are you going to call the baby?'. I flatly refused to tell her, I was being a precious first time Mum who wanted to keep it between Muddy Hubby and I. It was the last conversation I had with her, she had a fall that night and passed away the next day. It is the one regret I have, not telling her the names. I know it's silly, and you can't change anything, but I would have liked her to have known.

My Grandmother was a beautiful lady who would have loved to have known my 3 Muddy Girls and 1 Muddy Baby Boy. Each time I look at My Muddy Preschooler in particular I see in her my Grandmother's stubborn streak (she lived in her own home until she passed away, refusing to move) and each time I look down at My Feet and My Muddy Girls Feet I smile and laugh, as we've all got my Grandmother's fat feet that point outwards, rather than straight ahead. Feet that are hard to find shoes to fit!

So today I fondly remember my Grandmother and sit down with my Muddy Tribe and talk about the Great Grandmother they didn't get to meet, but who would have loved them with all of her heart.

Grandma and Grandpa - Entertaining!

Grandma with her 3 Granddaughters on her 90th Birthday - Same house as above, same corner even!
Grandma and I, our last Christmas


  1. Thinking of you. My beloved grandmother died almost 10 years ago and I wish she got the chance to know my kids, she's so like one of my daughters. X

  2. Oh Nat, I so get where you're at right now having lost my own beloved grandmother just 3 months ago. They would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last week and I think about her every single day. I bet I'll be feeling the same way on the anniversaries of her passing. This was a beautiful post xx


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