Saturday, January 21, 2012

Play-Doh - Get over it Nat!

I am going to fess up straight away and say that I loathe play-doh. Can't stand the stuff. I used to not mind it, I really enjoyed playing with it, with kids in our therapy sessions and found rolling out the play-doh somehow therapeutic while we targeted sounds, language, whatever the client was working on.
Now, as a parent, I can't stand the stuff. I don't make it from scratch, I don't add glitter or smell or any of that exciting stuff. We do however have LOTS of play-doh and play-doh related equipment, that we have been given over the years, but I am a terrible parent. Every time the Muddy girls ask for it I find some excuse to not get it out 'Puzzler's awake and she'll eat it', 'why don't we do some cooking', 'Dad will be home soon, so we won't have time'. Today I ran out of excuses! It is raining, that slow rain that has no breaks for going outside, just slow and steady, so before I knew it the Muddy Preschooler and the Muddy Pixie had dragged down the big box and were into it, having a lovely time.

For me it just reinforced my dislike. I have a suspicion it's my control freak gene that influences my feelings. The mixing of colours together that you can't separate out, the tiny bits that get stuck and then go all hard and dry, the little bits that get ground into the ground when they fall off the table, all contribute to our decision not to get it out.

As I was cleaning it all up today and making comments about how I don't like it my Muddy Preschooler replies with 'Well why do we have it in the house then Mum?'. Sometimes I am amazed at what comes out of their mouths. I replied with 'We have it in the house because you love it'.

I know how much they love it, how creative they can be with it, how it stretches their imagination. Today they had planned out a whole 3 course meal, sorting dessert from entree from main and making each individual piece. This is why we have it in our house. This is why I need to get over my hang ups on clean up and mess when it comes to Play-doh and let them enjoy, after all isn't that what parenting is, in part, all about, letting go of some of our boundaries to let them explore theirs?

Muddy Puzzler sneaking a piece to eat when she thinks I'm not looking!
Is their Play-Doh in your house?
Do your kids like messy play that you don't?


  1. Haha, your dislike of play doh has always made me smile Nat :o) I totally know what you mean about the itty bitty pieces flying off and going all dry and hard AND I don't really like mixing colours either... obsessive much!?
    But I must admit I LOVE playing with it when we do get it out. Weather was crappy here today too and we played junior 'Cars 2' scrabble. Excitement machines in these parts ;o)
    Love the pics, gorgeous! xo
    Oh and thanks for the kind words for Angus, his honker is looking (and feeling) much better today... thank. GOODNESS!

  2. I HATE playdoh too. I banned it from the house years ago after I had to throw out a shag pile rug with it squashed into every fibre. That's what kindys for - playdoh and all the horrible messy stuff :) Oh lord - would you listen to me!! eeeek I sound like such a horrid mum! xx


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