Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Fun Day

I've said it before and I'll say it again, sometimes I just love living on the farm and being married to my Muddy Hubby Farmer. Today was one of those days. Ask me again tomorrow when it's 40 degrees and we're in the dusty sheep yards and I can't see or breathe through the dust and I might say different. Today however was a good day, with Muddy Hubby getting to spend some time with the Muddy Kids, while working. The Muddy Kids get to do some work with Dad, learning all the time, asking questions all the time. Today's big question was from our Muddy Preschooler who says to me 'How do sheep sleep?, 'Do they sleep with their both eyes closed like we do, or do they sleep with one eye open like a Crocodile?'

While it is hard at times to live on the land, I am very grateful for the life we are living. I am especially glad on those days when the kids are getting ratty (like they are at the moment) when we can go out and explore in the paddock, or lend a hand in the shearing shed, or workshop, or simply take a drive to see what Muddy Hubby's doing. It's that kind of small things that help keep us all from going insane. With only a few weeks left of school holidays, I am trying to make a conscious effort to relax a little more with the kids, hopefully today was a good starting point of more to come.

Muddy Hubby, Muddy Bubby and the Muddy Puzzler headed off to work in the shearing shed while the Pixie, Preschooler and I went to swimming lessons
A trip to the shearing shed to see Muddy Hubby after lunch

In a very spread out convoy

A dip in the small pool to keep cool

Having fun before the storm rolled in

Extra fun when Muddy Hubby jumps in to cool down too

Back to shifting sheep before it poured down rain.

After such a great Monday I'm now wondering what tomorrow will bring! The pessimist in me has me thinking it might just go downhill from here, but fingers crossed it doesn't.

How did you spend your Monday?


  1. sounds like a pretty good day Nat, I love the pics of everyone cooling down in the pool! But would love to know too, how do sheep sleep?!!
    I hope the rest of the week is just as good as today for you. xx

  2. What a great day! I love your pics and that baby right there is divine ♥

  3. I love every single one of these photos - the kids are oozing pure joy. When things turn pear shaped, the one thing I can rely on is getting outside. Here's to the rest of your holidays being just as lovely as today.


    ps We fed dolphins today :-)

  4. Awesome shots Nat... those clouds are amazing! Loving the muddy kids too :o) xo


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