Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A sad, but happy, Morning Tea

Ever since I've had my Muddy Preschooler (maybe even a little before I had her) I have been having the most wonderful morning tea catch ups with the most wonderful group of friends a woman could ever ask for. It began with ante-natal classes, grew into a mother's group and while the frequency and attendance has waxed and waned there's been 5 of us who have continued our friendship on, through many, many, many morning teas, dinners and lunches.

Today we hosted morning tea at our house, what was special about this morning tea though, was that it will be the last morning tea that we have, where our firstborn children will be there (other than school holidays of course).

For the five of us our eldest children will start school together on Monday for the first time. They will all be going to the same school and will have each other there as a support. I've discovered that you cannot force friendship onto your children (much as times we may try to dissuade them from one wild child, to another, with a gentler influence) but we have been lucky enough that our 5 children have formed a lovely friendship with one another.

And so this morning while our children played just beautifully together, with minimal fighting and only a few tears, I felt both happy and sad. Happy that my Muddy Preschooler will go to school with friends she knows, friends she adores and friends that will keep an eye on her. I did however feel sad at the same time, that this is the end of 'early childhood' for my Muddy Preschooler, in 6 days she will be a 'School Girl' and a whole new chapter of her life (and mine) will begin.

I am honestly both excited and anxious at the same time about My Preschooler becoming a School Girl, and some days I'm not sure which emotion is stronger! Today though I was reassured that she will not be doing it alone, she'll be starting her journey with good friends, and that I think is worth so very much. At least for me it is as it helps lessen my anxiety and worry.

One of our first Mother's Group Morning Teas.

Fun in the Fig Tree

5 Cheeky Cherubs

Is your Preschooler becoming a school kid too? How are you feeling?
Are there friends starting with your children too?
Or is it a whole new world, with the opportunity to make wonderful new friends?


  1. My second eldest boy is starting on Monday too (along with his mother's group crew). It is a special time. Don't wear mascara! x

  2. Ohhh how exciting hun and that is awesome you have stayed in touch all this time. It is heart wrenching when they go to school, but also one of the proudest moments you will remember in future. Good luck ;) xx

  3. Oh I'll be thinking of you with butterflies in my belly Nat. When I think of my turn next year, I choke up, so it's best I just DON'T think about it for now :o/
    LOVE the pics, I remember that top one from years ago, so cute. It is most comforting to think that they are all going to the same school though. There are SO many schools around here, it is unlikely that Angus will start with any of our mother's group.
    Amazing to think of our children are starting school, when that's how WE met all those years ago! xo


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