Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pool Time

After a few exhausting days of being home I was feeling pretty low, still trying to unpack, Muddy Hubby missing in action catching up on work and one sick Muddy Bubby . I was already snappy with the whole Muddy Tribe (Muddy Hubby included even though he was only around for a couple of hours!) so I made a decision to step back and do some relaxation and actually enjoy some time with the Muddy Kids.

This morning we made our first trip of the summer to the pool in town. I rang to make sure it was going to be open (no guarantees with this local pool) and packed us all up. My Muddy Puzzler opted out at the last minute choosing to go on the Tractor with Muddy Hubby, so Muddy Preschooler, Muddy Pixie and Muddy Bubby piled into the car with me for a lovely morning.

Really it was a bit of a litmus test. My Muddy Preschooler and Muddy Pixie are booked in for 2 weeks straight of intensive swimming lessons. Every day for 2 weeks, we'll traipse into town, a bit different for us living out of town! I really didn't know how they'd go with the pool, last year's lessons were a bit of hit and miss, so I thought today would be a good test. They LOVED it, especially Muddy Preschooler. I am actually now looking a little bit forward to going to the pool every day and after this morning came home feeling a little more relaxed and like I'd had some lovely quality time with 3 of my lovely children. I also bought a half season ticket for all of us (Muddy Hubby included) to make sure we keep going back, not just for lessons, but for some nice Muddy Family and relaxation time, something we don't get a lot of.
Ready for a swim

Hard to contain that excitement!

Pretending to drive a boat

Splashing around

This is what Muddy Bubby thought of his very first swim!

Worked up an appetite


  1. Oh Nat, you're so game! I am seriously impressed. I leave that task to Mr PB - it's way too stressful! J x

  2. Thanks Jane. I think I'll be a wreck by the 20th! Hoping Muddy Hubby frees himself up to help out for a couple of lessons.


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