Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Bungee

We survived the first day of school! No tears from our Muddy Preschooler, just a few tears from me, as she lined up so beautifully and filed into the classroom, holding tightly to the hand of her best friend.

I was so excited to pick her up and absorb everything she had done in her day, I had a tonne of questions all lined up and ready to go. I didn't even have to ask, my Muddy Preschooler chatted non-stop all the way home! I heard all about who is on her table, what she did at recess and lunch, who else is in her class, who her Year 6 buddy is. Our stumbling block was what she actually did in the classroom. I know she coloured in a picture of a rocket and 'we did a Bungee'. I asked her to repeat it, I still got the same answer 'We did a Bungee Mum'. I went through a series of questions, but still we got 'a Bungee'.

This morning I have learned that they coloured in a picture of a bungee jumper! Who knew they'd learn about Bungee Jumping on their first day at school!

For me, a Mum who has been keenly involved at preschool, I think I am going to be a little lost, as no doubt I will be left wondering on many ocassions what she has been learning or playing at school, as I get half stories or mixed up information from my Muddy Preschooler. I think it's another part of me that has to learn to let go and trust in her teacher! A harder task than I thought, I'm hoping it gets easier!

Maybe today she'll learn about sky diving or rock climbing, but not quite sure how you top Bungee Jumping on your first day!

Mandatory family photos

The back pack which is almost as big as her!

Best Friends

Lining Up!
How did your little one's first day go?
What stories did they come home with?


  1. Just gorgeous!! Our big day is on Friday, I'm nervous, excited and everything else in between. School is a whole new world!

  2. LOVE the pics, that first one is just precious. Well done on getting through the day Nat, sounds like she is going to flourish at big school :o) xo

  3. Well there may be a correlation between bungy jumping and the first day of school, both very big leaps of faith!! cute shots.

  4. Oh, its all so big isn't it.
    Your daughter looks super cute in her uniform.
    Well done on getting through her first day.

  5. Gorgeous photos our big day is Monday . Glad she settled in well.


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