Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To Invite or Not To Invite?

My Muddy Preschooler's 5th Birthday is coming up and I'm having a  slight dilemma, or maybe it's really a crisis of conscience. A couple of nights ago we sat down together and made a list of the people the Preschooler would like to invite to her birthday party. She reeled off a list of the usual suspects, kids I know and I know their parents, either very well, or know them to say hello to at preschool pick up and drop off. Then she threw in the name of a little girl I do not know. I don't know this girl's parents, I don't know where she lives. I do know she's going to a different school to the preschooler this year (courtesy of another parent), but other than that I know nothing.

The question is, do I send an invite? How do I send an invite when I don't know where to send it? It's not unusual in our town for children and their parents to not have the same surname, so that's the first stumbling block. The second is, there are lots of people in the phone book with the same last name, so how do I know which one to send it to. I asked around at swimming lessons this morning but nobody could help me out.

I explained to the Muddy Preschooler this afternoon that I didn't know this little girl's address and she asked 'Why not?'. So I'm having a battle with myself, do I spend hours trying to track this little girl down, making phone calls and leaving messages, so we can send her an invitation to the party or do I let it slide and hope the Muddy Preschooler doesn't ask about it again?

What would you do?
Muddy Preschooler's 1st Birthday Cake
Sharing with Muddy Hubby who turned 30 the same day

The joint birthday cake, with her cousin and neighbour for the 2nd Birthday

Shared Birthday Cake with Muddy Hubby for the 2nd Birthday
The first of 3 cakes for her 3rd Birthday, shared with the neighbour who is born the day before

The 3rd Birthday Cake for Day Care
Home Birthday Cake with her cousins and Muddy Hubby

A shared 4th Birthday Cake (Cheesecake Shop Special) while on holidays 2011

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  1. Let it slide, you have too much else on your plate to be chasing up randoms ;o) No, seriously, if you've exercised all avenues and still can't find some concrete details, there is not much more you can do. Muddy Preschooler will have so many other friends there anyway, I'm sure she'll be fine xo


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