Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Christmas Bake

I have known that Christmas is coming for a while (kind of hard to miss), I've pretty much done all of my present shopping, and there's only a few small things left to buy. What had slipped my mind though was that this week is the last week of term! For Muddy Preschooler at least term ends this week, we have one more day of Day Care next week and then it's holidays until the end of January.

For us the end of term means not only a Thank You present and card for the Preschool Staff, but also a Thank You present and card for the staff in 3 different rooms at Day Care, plus the Director. The big thing though is a present and card for Muddy Preschooler's 4 (yes 4) Bus Drivers! These are the people that ensure my little girl gets to and from Preschool Safely (They only slipped up once when she missed bus changeover once, and got the bus bogged only once at our stop, so not a bad result).

I'm not big on buying presents, I think that they all probably get enough nick nacky, kitsch, tacky gifts, so I go down the food or plant route. Because really who doesn't love food, and who couldn't do with a nice little plant. This year we settled on baking (can you call it baking if you don't actually bake it, and just melt stuff and put it in the fridge to set?). Muddy Preschooler and I picked four items to make to put in our little packages (9 Packages all up!).

Today we had a massive day (had to be today because it had to be ready for the morning because Bus Driver Phillip only drives the bus on a Wednesday). We made Rocky Road, White Christmas Slice, Peppermint Bark and Mint Slice Balls! A VERY sweet, but yummy, combination. The hardest part of the day was trying to remember whose turn it was to stir or add ingredients! All in all a fun day in the kitchen and the packages, while not all finished, look not too bad. Now to make sure they all get delivered safely before Muddy Hubby finds them and tries to sneak some onto the Tractor.

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  1. Oh they look a treat! You gals are so good to get your bake on for all the lovely carers in your life. I have no doubt it will warm their hearts to receive such gifts made with love and care :o) xo


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