Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Drinking Fountain

OK, so living on a farm we have LOTS of ways to entertain ourselves, plus living 30k's out of town we don't really get in to go to the park so much, so when we come to Sydney My Muddy Tribe LOVE to visit the local parks, as well as our friend's local parks.

On Monday we visited Aunty Laura and the wonderful park across the road from her new house. My Muddy Puzzler had her first experience with a Drinking Fountain. I never realised how hard they were to master, until she tried to give it a go! We really should get out more to get some practice in. Not sure how Muddy Preschooler will go with the Drinking Fountains at school next year?

What's your favourite activity at the park?
Any tips for teaching kids to drink from fountains?

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