Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Present Debate

The other day when I asked Muddy Hubby what he wanted for Christmas he replied with 'A Day Off'. This of course was not much help to my very tired and stressed brain. Each year I struggle to think of a good present for Muddy Hubby. I know that there are lots of things I would like to buy him, but most of these I cross off the list very early, as I can hear his practical voice in my head 'That's really nice Babe, but what do I need these for?' or 'You shouldn't have bought me that, I already have one of those' (ignoring the fact he's had it for 15 years and it's practically worn out!

Last year I took a new tack, I went VERY practical. I went to Bunnings, grabbed a basket and walked down the aisles filling the basket with little tools and handy items for the truck and workshop. I wrapped up these parcels and put them in a Santa sack with some VERY practical socks and undies. It was a success, the only time I heard 'You shouldn't have bought these, I already have a pair' was on the new Levi Jeans I bought him, and I bought them because they looked good on him and his other jeans are old and way too short on his long legs.

This year I'm thinking I'll take the same path, I've already purchased a couple of small items, including Ear Muffs for the lawn mower (really they're for me), a magnetic tool holder thingy and my plan is to get him a camping chair to keep in his truck for long waits at the silos! I'd love to be able to guarantee him a day off, and if we FINALLY finish harvest and make it to Sydney for Christmas he may even get a few days off, some time on the boat and maybe even some fireworks like we did a few years ago!

Muddy Hubby and Muddy Preschooler relaxing on Sydney Harbour

Enjoying the New Years Eve Fireworks
What do you buy your Hubby's?
Are your Hubby's as practical and money minded as my Muddy Hubby?

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  1. Well done Muddy Farmwife, I don't think you can go wrong with practical for hubby presents... always works for me! ;o)
    YAY YAY, fingers crossed harvest finishes up in time for a Muddy family trip to Sydney :o) xo


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