Thursday, December 8, 2011

Starting Early

On Saturday we had Muddy Preschooler's big Christmas Concert, Graduation Ceremony and Preschool Fete. A BIG Day. Lots of excitement from Muddy Preschooler in the lead up, with comments such as 'I'm going to walk around the fete with Emily (best friend) not you', and 'You go off with the other girls, I'm with Emily', 4 going on 14 I think.

Beforehand I struggled to get out of her exactly what the concert was about, other than she was going to be a Rabbit and the Rabbits were the last ones after all the other animals. Anyway the concert was a great success, as was the fete and no, I didn't let her go off with just her friends, as much as she tried, she is still only 4!

After the Graduation Ceremony though I got into a conversation with Muddy Great-Grandma who asked me 'How many more graduations will she have?'. It got me thinking about whether we're going over the top with things. Yes it's great that she's finishing preschool and moving onto Big School, do we need to have a graduation for that? Not only that but we also have a Day Care Graduation and Ceremony with another certificate. Are we starting on these things too early, come the next 3 children to graduate Preschool and Day Care will we be so over it that it doesn't mean as much? Are we peaking too soon, starting Graduations at the age of 4. I know I didn't have a Graduation when I finished Preschool, an end of year concert yes, but Graduation No. 

My Muddy Tribe will move from Preschool to go through Primary School and then Graduate, then High School Graduation and fingers crossed either University or a TAFE or Trade Certificate and the Graduation Ceremony for them. Am I being a cynical Muddy Mum? Should I just be making the most of all opportunities to see my Muddy Tribe shine up on stage or am I right, we are peaking too early?

Muddy Hubby dropped in to play photographer for the duration of the concert before slipping back to harvest duties.
That's Muddy Preschooler looking at the other Rabbits to see what she's supposed to be doing!

Muddy Preschooler collecting her Graduation Certificate

Exhausted Rabbit passed out once we got home and she came down from her sugar high

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