Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Muddy Pixie

My Muddy Girl 2, Muddy Bubby and I have had a little sojourn together in Sydney over the last few days. It has been really really lovely to spend some one on one time with My Muddy Girl 2, My little Pixie as I often call her. My Muddy Pixie was the smallest born of all my Muddy Babies, weighing in at 6lb 4oz. I must say she hasn't grown much! My Muddy Pixie is very petite, long in the limbs and very lean. About 2 years ago I was a little bit worried, she just didn't look healthy, it wasn't just the lack of weight, but she was pale and wouldn't eat much and it was a battle to put weight on her. I ended up taking her to a Naturopath/Iridologist/Herbalist - Jen and she worked wonders, the colour came back into My Muddy Pixie's face, she started putting on weight, she turned into a different child and I am eternally thankful we went and saw Jen when we did.

While My Muddy Pixie still remains slight of build she consistently puts on weight, eats all her meals (especially if it's sweet or spicy) and has lots of colour and energy in her world every day. The one things I struggle with though with My Muddy Pixie is her concentration! I am always commenting 'She's off with the Pixies' as it is hard to gain her attention and hard to get her to focus on a task. Yes, I know she's only 3, but My Muddy Pixie lives up to her name. Muddy Pixie will start Preschool one day a week next year and I'm very interested to see how she'll go in a new, and at times chaotic environment. I am sure she will thrive, but being the overanxious Muddy Mum I can be, I got her assessed by an OT, to make sure if there was anything I could do to help her I had a heads up and could get started. I think too because I'm a health professional by training I definitely over think and over worry, hence the OT assessment, probably before she needed it!

My Muddy Pixie is an absolute delight, always keen for a cuddle, loves a good laugh and will retell stories over and over just to keep laughing. Muddy Pixie is so far my only Muddy Bubby not to get Car Sick (see here for our car sick history), she also doesn't like to sleep much. My Muddy Preschooler always loved to sleep, especially in the car, we'd go somewhere and it wouldn't take long and she'd fall asleep (still does). Muddy Pixie on the other hand has never liked to sleep much, in the car she always just used to scream, until we got to our destination or she passed out from exhaustion. Now, she fights sleep with all of her being, talking her way through roadtrips, commenting, asking questions, drawing pictures and telling us all about them, reading books to her Baby Brother, whatever it takes to stay awake! The same goes for a day time rest she pushes herself all day until eventually she passes out from exhaustion, wherever she happens to be at the time, after she's flitted from one activity to another and the house looks like a bomb has gone off!

My Muddy Pixie I feel sometimes gets a little neglected (not on purpose, but by default), she's pretty independent, isn't as loud as her two sisters and doesn't need the regular attention that Muddy Bubby does, so these few days have been so refreshing to provide My Muddy Pixie with some undivided attention, including an outing for a cupcake which she LOVED so much so that she spread crumbs from one end of herself to the other!

Muddy Pixie on her Birth Day
On the Tractor early on
My Muddy Pixie on her 2nd Birthday
Her Best Gene Simons Impression
My Threenager!
Ready for a Cup Cake

Exhausted at the table

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