Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'Boys Toys'

Having 3 Muddy Girls we have a house full of dolls, dress ups, dresses and skirts and LOTS of things in shades of pink. I have never consciously pushed the girly angle, in fact for Muddy Preschooler's first Christmas she received a Tool Bench, which remains a favourite to this day. I find it so interesting though to watch what toys the kids choose to play with and how they choose to play with them.

We have a couple of trucks and a loader for the sandpit which the Muddy Kids love to play with. The trucks have been used to cart all manner of things from dolls, to flowers, grass clippings, the dog etc. The latest game of choice is to create a house at the base of the fig tree and the trucks are used to cart ingredients for cooking. Today the trucks collected dirt that went into making a mulberry cake, tea and coffee, pink water and a strawberry cake.

I am continually fascinated and amazed at their creativity. While I look at a truck and think building, roadworks and sandcastles. My Muddy Girls have looked at the trucks and thought about carting ingredients for cooking. I think it is so valuable to ensure they are exposed to a variety of toys including ones that are traditionally 'boys toys'.

Then there's the other side of the coin, now that we have a Boy Muddy Bubby does the reverse apply? He will automatically grow up exposed to dolls, prams and dress ups. What would it be like though if he was the eldest? Would I still have bought dolls and prams for him to ensure he had a variety of toys like my Muddy Girls have been exposed to trucks, diggers and tools? I'm glad I haven't had to think about that, that by being the youngest with 3 older sisters he will be ensured of a well rounded exposure to both the traditionally assigned 'boys' and 'girls' toys.

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  1. Big A has a stroller... pink no less. TWO vacuums now. Cooking utensils and shopping baskets/paraphernalia. He's also into all the housework he can sink his teeth into. I agree, a mixture of all toys is so important :o) xo
    Love the pics of the muddy girls at play!


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