Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Starting to Turn

The temperature's rising, the sunshiney days are getting longer, the ground is warming up and our crops are starting to turn, as the days move closer to harvest time. Our Canola has pretty much dropped all of it's flowers, it's gone from the brilliant yellow to green as they drop their flowers and now as it's warming they turning less green. Canola has skinny pods full of tiny canola seeds, at the moment these seeds are still green, we picked a few off yesterday and opened them and there's a few black/browns seeds starting to appear. This means we're still a little way away from harvesting the canola.
The lupins are filling up their pods. They have brilliant white flowers, and as it warms up they have dropped their flowers and are concentrating on filling their pods. At the moment though when you open the pods the lupins are still green. They need to be white seeds to be ready to harvest. The Muddy Kids love checking the crops, chewing on the seeds to tell Muddy Hubby whether they think it's ready to harvest or checking for grubs. The grubs love the canola and lupins so it's important to keep an eye on them.
Muddy Hubby has also been keeping busy with some hay work. He's cut and raked some Oats and has started to bale it today. The raking uses a big rake pulled behind the tractor that turns the hay to help it dry, at the same time as bringing two rows into one to make it ready for baling.
This is keeping us busy in our house, what's happening in yours?


  1. Very interesting..I had no idea that canola seeds were small and dark! Did you harvest the oats first..or do you just grow them for hay? Please excuse my lack of knowledge!

  2. I LOVE your description of how everything works Nat, it's concise and fascinating. Also love the images to accompany your words, just beautiful. You certainly are busy bees at the moment xoxo

  3. Such a different and fascinating life. It appears your world is an explosion of colour and light. Mine is making sure the kids have something to do and enough space to run around during the holidays, which for a girl from the big smoke is always a challenge!

  4. And I'm just trying to keep on top of the everyday housework here!
    I love hearing/reading about your life - it's fascinating.
    :-) xx

  5. your photos are beautiful! that expanse of land is amazing, so used to my little block. I've been very proud of my veggie growing achievements lately, it must be very exciting to see a whole crop ready to harvest :)sarah

  6. Great pics and so good to know about those crops. i love watching the golden canola develop over spring! So glorious!


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