Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clever Friends

I am constantly amazed when I discover the hidden talents of my friends. Me, I'm not a sewer (as much as I try), I'm not a painter (as much as I wanted to be as a kid). I dabble in the kitchen, but am not anything special and I potter in the garden and when things flower it's more through good luck than good management. I tap away on the computer and fiddle with photo edits but am by no means an expert or do I really have any idea about design. So I get so excited when I find out my friends are very clever at doing any of these tasks, as I hope to garner skills from them.
I am even more excited when they start up their own business with their skills. My best friend Laura has started up a fantastic site for Office Administration Professionals it's called Smarter Admins and you can find it here. I am constantly in awe of Laura, no matter what, each time I ring with a question she has the answer, or will find it out for me, she designs gorgeous websites and is pretty handy with photos and design (see my Header, that's her work).
Then there's my friend J, who has amazed me again by starting up her own business called Button Tots, you can find it here. J creates gorgeous shirts, singlets and onesies for kids and for the life of me I don't know where she finds the time with two busy boys! But find it she does and I think she is very clever and so had to share. I attempted to take a lovely family photo of the Muddy Kids in their Button Tots shirts, but that proved near impossible, so we ended up with individual shots!
Do your friends amaze you as much as mine do with their hidden, and never ending talents???


  1. I checked out your friends Smarter Admin website and its great. I actually stumbled upon this a few months ago when I was looking for some information. She is very clever indeed.

    I dont have littlies (still waiting on my lads to produce grandkids) so not in the market for kiddies clothes.

    Your kids however are just adorable. I love the second picture of your lad trying to escape his sisters! Such a typical boy. xx

  2. <3 reading this made my Saturday xo

    (you're clever too, you know - don't undersell yourself! xoxoxo)

  3. Very very clever!

    That first pic of the Muddy Kids is priceless! :)


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