Monday, October 8, 2012

Jumping the Fence

Having not been raised on a farm I can remember the first time Muddy Hubby asked me to jump the fence with him. I just looked at him and said 'Are you serious?'. Yes indeed he was, as he nimbly jumped over the fence to go and check a crop, with his long legs he was over in seconds. All I saw was the top strain of barbed wire and a fence that was three quarters my height and I had images of cuts and bruises as I got myself stuck. I am no lightweight that's for sure, so for me to jump over that fence would have been a miracle in line with pigs flying.
I have since learnt that where there's a will there's a way and while I do sometimes stand there and put my arms up to Muddy Hubby and ask him to lift me over the fence like he does the girls (I think he's only attempted this once!), he has learnt to hold the wires apart so that I can climb through. It is still not very graceful and almost always I stumble through and stop just short of falling flat on my face, but at least I get to adventure through the crops too and see what's happening, rather than just watching from the ute.

The Muddy Kids on the other hand are starting to be old hands, if Muddy Hubby doesn't whisk them over in his strong arms, they start to climb over themselves or try to climb through with a little help. They definitely put their Mum to shame with their fence jumping skills!
Checking Canola, Not long now...

Lupins Pods

Muddy Puzzler checking Lupins


  1. This brings back memories for me of my dad holding the fence for me and me getting big enough to hold it for myself! It's been a while since I've jumped the fence...
    Beautiful shots of your family and crop. Kate

  2. I've never jumped a fence either..I've always gone through them. It looks like you may have bred a little family of jumpers though as their legs grow!

  3. Great photos. I think I would probably fall flat on my face if I tried to jump a fence - lol.

  4. I could jump a fence, but the barbed wire part scares me A LOT! Kids are amazingly agile when it comes to getting up and over things... love these pics of your Muddy girls getting all involved, gorgeous! xoxo


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