Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Spot of Yabbying

In between Header stops and starts, when the Barley has been too green or all our storage is full up Muddy Hubby threw some Yabby Nets in one of our Dams. Lo and Behold we caught some yabbies! It's been a few years since I've been yabbying. The Muddy Kids and I helped our British worker (Hello Laura) pull them up and we managed to catch 23 big ones! We put the babies and the teenagers back in the Dam and bought the rest back to the house.

We found a Mummy Yabby who had hundreds of Eggs she was holding in her tail, so we put her back in the Dam to ensure we'll get some yabbies in the coming years! We have always cooked yabbies by just boiling them in water. This time though we tried something different, Thanks to my lovely neighbour.

We put them in a pot in the freezer to sedate them (there will be some escapees in the freezer, but they're easy to collect once sedated), we then pulled them out and chopped off their heads before we pulled off their their tails and claws. We rinsed the claws and tails, then popped them in a garlic, butter and parsley marinade before cooking them on the BBQ. YUMMO! They are just like crabs, so when they turn orange they're cooked. It was a heap of fun and something different for someone from the UK to experience.


  1. I remember going yabbying when I was little! We put all the yabbies in a big fish tank at home. One died and my parents took it out and put it in a coffee cup in the sink. I went to the sink not realising and discovered it in there and FREAKED OUT! I avoided those cups up until their demise a few years ago.

    We ended up eating all the yabbies over dinner with some good friends, and I remember them being the sweetest meat I have ever eaten!

  2. The barbequed yabbies look delicious, they're a bit fiddly to eat but it's all worth it for that sweet meat.

  3. I spent time living on a farm about 20 years ago. Sunday was always spent yabbing and then cooking them with the garlic and butter - YUM.

  4. Yabbying is so much fun!! They are delicious also! Yum!!

    Holli xo


  5. Hmm, I might stick to the eating instead of the catching! #citygirl


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