Friday, October 19, 2012

Grateful for my Home Town

Last weekend we headed back to my home town of Sydney to see my wonderful Mum and catch up with some wonderful friends. Each time I return 'home' I am reminded of how much I love my home town, how wonderful it was to grow up in such a diverse and culture rich city of Sydney. To grow up around the harbour and on the water with boats. To grow up going to shows in Sydney and watching musicals with amazement. To me I will always love Sydney and will never get tired of spending time there for visits.

I know that the farm is my home and I couldn't be happier but feel very lucky that I can visit my home town of Sydney, stay with my family and that my Muddy Kids get to experience Sydney in all it's glory. We take them to the park and on ferry rides, out on the harbour on the boat, we watch the fireworks or try new foods. My Dad (Hi Dad) will on rare occasions even make fresh sushi for us.

Often I think the most exciting part for the Muddy Kids is watching the garbage truck collect the garbage or counting how many buses go past. Or at the moment, going up and down stairs, with a two-storey house it's a novelty to 'play upstairs' then bring everything down and 'play downstairs'.

So this week after a visit back to my Home Town I am reminded how grateful I am to have grown up there and have the opportunity to share some of the same experiences with my Muddy Hubby and the Muddy Kids.


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  1. Your lucky kids get the best of both and country!

  2. Ditto Carol's comment!
    I was city girl my whole adult life and now we live regional, it's a different world. Don't miss the city at all though and while I thought this town was so small when we first got here 3 years ago, now I think it's too big and I want to move more country. Funny how things change sometimes!
    Stopping by via 52 weeks :)

  3. Sydney misses you! (and me too xoxoxo)

  4. So beautifully written :) Such a lovely thing to be grateful for, and sharing your love for your hometown with your kids must be a real joy. Sydney kind of scares me a little, but only because the biggest city I've ever lived in was Brisbane, which is tiny compared!

  5. I'd almost forgotten you are a city girl. I love that "Sydney" is your home "town". It's a good place to grow up, I think. At least I hope you're right for the sake of my own kids! I'm a country town girl moved to the city. You do Sydney proud, Nat. x

  6. Hi Nat, I'm a passionate Sydneysider and enjoyed this post very much. Your kids are so lucky as they'll feel at home in both the city and the country. And being out on a boat on the Harbour is just such a treat!

  7. When I was a child we spend two years in a small country town. The excitement of coming back to Sydney for a visit was huge. Your day out on the harbor looks awesome.

  8. Your kids are so lucky to be having the best of both worlds I think.
    I love going back to the places of my childhood too


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