Thursday, October 25, 2012

And so it begins

The Canola has been windrowed, it is lying in rows in the paddocks, just waiting to be picked up with the Header and the Canola seed thrashed out and carted to the Grain Silos. Canola is windrowed 1-2 weeks before it is ripe and this allows the seed to finish ripening. Although opinion is starting to be divided as to whether it's just as worthwhile to harvest it straight from the plant or windrow it and then harvest it.

For us this year we went with windrowing. The Canola plants lay ready and waiting, the weather conditions need to be just right and then along comes the Header and collects them.

The Barley is getting riper by the second, it will be the next crop to harvest. I love a windy day when the heads all blow in unison in the wind, all in their neat rows, and the golden light of sunset on the golden heads of wheat and barley, never ceases to make me stop and admire it.

Yes, Harvest is only just beginning, and it's such a great time.


  1. Lovely to hear that all the right elements have gone into the mix this year to make a good harvest for you! The ripe barley is so you ever just pick a bunch and stick it in a jar to look at? I think I would..or is that just a city girl thing to do?

  2. Beautiful photos Nat, exciting times ahead on the Muddy farm... and super busy times by the looks of all those crops too! xoxo


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