Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sheep Yard Sundays

For the last couple of months each Sunday afternoon we've been 'sheepworking' as the Muddy Kids call it, but now with the last of the lambs being sent to the Saleyards we're getting back some family time on weekends.
At least for a few weeks anyway, before harvest starts, and then early next year we'll be back weighing lambs on Sunday afternoons. It's great family time on the farm, drafting them, then bringing them around and weighing them. The Muddy Kids love it and so do I. I'll miss it, until it comes around again, but will definitely be making the most of some extra time with the family.
The best bit about now is watching the baby lambs frolic in the paddock, they'll be the one's we weigh next year! They are so cute when they're little and running around at their Mum's feet. They're still keeping us busy though with lamb marking and tailing and checking for flies. The Muddy Kids are having a ball at present and falling into bed exhausted - perfect really!


  1. Fantastic pics.
    Enjoy your reclaimed weekends - although the way you all band together to work there is so fabulous.
    :-) xx

  2. Exhausted kids... say it with me "ahhhhhh!" That IS perfect Nat. Love the photos, they're having so much fun. Imagine all that knowledge and valuable experience they're picking up in the process, really can't be compared to anything else xoxo


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