Thursday, April 26, 2012

One of the things....

One of the things I am not loving about living where we live at the moment is my Internet access. We're on satellite Internet, which means we have a big dish on the roof. This also means that it's nowhere near as fast as some other Internet options. It also means that when it's overcast the service sucks, when it's windy there's often no service, and sometimes for no good reason the dish on our roof stops talking to the satellite in the sky and we get absolute zilch, zippo, nothing. Now the Internet service provider flatly denies any of this, says weather and wind do not affect the service. I disagree.

But rant now over, for all the little things that drive me batty living out here or give me cause for utter frustration, there are so very many more good things. My good thing for this week has been the complete turnaround from sunset to sunrise.

This was the sunset on Monday night, breathtakingly beautiful. The Muddy Kids and I went outside to feed the dogs, pigs and chooks and dawdled for ages just watching the beautiful sunset and chasing the animals.

The next morning we woke up to this awesome Fog. The first fog for the year for us, not a pea soup fog like I can remember growing up in Sydney, but a hazy, ethereal fog. It didn't last long, by the time I'd dropped the Muddy Organiser at the bus stop it was almost gone, chased away by the sun.

It's these little things that remind me how I love living where we live, and help stop me yelling at the Internet service provider in frustration. Just don't ask me how long it took to actually upload these photos!

What are some of the little things that you love about living where you live?


  1. I love my Mary Poppins park across the street!

    I also love sunset at your house, you get the best sunsets xxxxx

  2. We get amazing sunrises as we face east, but Sunsets not so much. Yours is absolutely magnificent!! Mel x

  3. Oh I feel your internet pain.

    Who is your satellite service with?
    We got kicked off satellite when telstra ditched the ISDN upload line and are now on their wireless system, which they have over sold in our area so it rarely works at peak times... though they swear it does! Looking at a new satellite option if we are eligible, but I am skeptical we won't still have problems and don't want to sign a contract.

    But you are so right... the annoying dodgy internet is a small price to pay for living were we live too.

  4. Oh but the photos are SO worth it! They're gorgeous Nat. It would P me off not having good internet reception too though... so I guess that is one of the things I love about living where I do. But most of all I think I love the proximity... to the beach, parks, school, shops and city. Our place is tiny (not so good), but where it's positioned, I don't think I ever want to leave.

  5. We are on some wireless antenna system with Telstra too In the country and sometimes it is so slow. They say it doesn't matter too about weather or peak usage.


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