Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Party

Yesterday saw myself and the Muddy Kids attend a lovely 4th Birthday Party morning tea for one of Muddy Pixie's little friends. It was low key with only close friends invited (mind you we all have between 2-4 kids so there were quite a few kids running around). There was no big theme, there were a few balloons, the usual backyard toys (plus chooks and a puppy), pass-the-parcel, musical statues and an ice cream cake. Simple, enjoyable party goodness.

The kids used their imaginations and created their own games, they ganged up girls vs boys to take over the tent filled with balloons, the girls held strong for a while until the boys launched a strong campaign and the balloons were no more. The boys played policeman, and hunters, while the girls played princesses and fairies. They all busted some moves under the clothesline to the music, some moves which left us all wondering 'where did they learn how to do that?'.

It reminded me so much of when I was a kid and went to parties. My kids had a ball, Muddy Bubby included, they collected a small lolly bag at the end and came home exhausted, having run around and enjoyed just being kids. Sometimes when life is rushing by so fast and everything is pushing kids to grow up quicker than we are ready for it's nice to be reminded of simple old fashioned fun and to sit and relish in the kids enjoyment.

Do your kids get to go to parties like we did when we were kids?
Or is it all about the 'theme' nowadays?


  1. HI NAT
    We attended a party today actually and I was just thinking that it would have come close to $500 to host...clowns, pinatas, cakes, prizes..full on! It still had the old school feel though, just kids having fun...x

  2. I think it's a bit of both for us. We have some good old fashioned ones... and some WAAAAY over the top ones. It's a competitive market, the kid's party market, nowadays.
    I can STILL remember going to some of your parties and you coming to mine, when we were little. Dad getting the parachute out, haha, good times.
    Love the pics of your muddy kidlets... it IS so nice to watch them having fun with their friends like that xoxo


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