Friday, April 27, 2012

Love a Good Challenge

What I love most about the Internet and blogging is that it helps drive me to be a better person, work harder to achieve goals and fulfill challenges. And there is always a challenge and I love it when I find one I love. I put my hand up to complete Clairey Hewitt's Handwriting Challenge (because you know Handwriting is the new black!). It meant 6 handwritten notes/letters/messages in 6 weeks. For me this challenge was perfect and meaningful, which is why I didn't hesitate to sign up.

My Grandmother and her two sisters wrote two letters to each other every week for as long as I can remember, until the week my Grandmother passed away aged 92. They lived in 3 different cities and it was their way of keeping in touch and hearing the family gossip. When my Grandmother passed away I kept up the tradition (although a lot less frequently) of writing to both her sisters. I sent them photos of my family and the farm, with little notes or long letters depending on how busy I was. With the chaos of my family I hate to admit I got a little slack and it has been a while since I've written. So for the first two letters of the handwriting challenge I have written to my Grandmother's sisters, aged 95 and 93. I pulled out my favourite stationary which I bought for just such a purpose and I wrote them each a letter, put in a few photos and will put them in the mailbox on Monday for the postman to collect and post in town.

For my next letter I'm focusing more on my friends, near and far. I just love the written word, it is always so exciting to receive a handwritten letter, no matter how long or short, it somehow seems so much more personal and you know it comes from the heart. Can't wait to write my next handwritten letter!

My Grandmother and her two sisters on the left

My Grandmother and her two sisters at one of the last times they saw each other face to face

I love a good bit of stationary


  1. What a lovely story of your grandmother. I bet those letters could all be put together and tell a wonderful history. I am sure they life receiving your letters next week too.

    Thanks for playing along with the challenge!

  2. What a really sweet idea this is. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to get your letters. I love stationary too, there's something lovely about a fresh crisp note book. I've tagged you in my last post, hope you don't mind.

  3. You've always been great at writing cards, letters, thank you notes Nat. You'll eat this challenge up.
    I also love writing cards and letters, though I have let it slide a bit of late.
    Love the pics of your grandmother and her sisters, really special xoxo

  4. Oh, this almost had me tear up! I know we write all the time on blogs and emails, but the oldies just aren't up with that technology usually; my folks aren't, and they're in their 60s and 70s, let alone your aunties in their 90s! I never have the stationery, or the stamps, and I'm 10-20 minutes either way from a post office so I never send anything, but I know people would love me to... At least you are getting into the spirit of it! :)


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