Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

You know I never really understood the meaning of that saying 'til I moved to the farm. This is what's been keeping Muddy Hubby busy this week, up early home late, making Sorghum Hay while the sun shines, trying to get it done before it rains. We haven't seen much of him, except for quick trips up the paddock to drop his esky off.

First it's cut

Then it's raked

Then it's baled


Then you have a paddock full of hay bales

Then it's time to play
How many family members fit on top of a bale?
The next job is to cart them all in and line them up in rows, waiting for a big drought that will use them up pretty quick (they say there's one coming).

Do you have a favourite saying?
What's been keeping you and your family busy?


  1. Wow, Nat! This is so fascinating for city-dweller me. And the Muddy Kids are just scrumptious. J x

  2. Love this!
    And those gorgeous family pics.
    :-) xx

  3. An when they are all lined up in rows they are the best fun to play on, my farmy friends and I spend hours on them every year.

  4. Oh Nat, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos, especially the last two. Just how did you get the muddy kids to sit still long enough for such a great photo!?
    It all looks like such hard work... and I know that it is. You're doing a great job Muddy Mama xoxo


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