Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Easter Bathroom

One of my favourite types of shows to watch are those home renovation ones, I loved the original couple of series of The Block where they did most of it themselves, and I loved The Renovators, especially the houses where they did it themselves, rather than just getting the tradies in. So I was a little bit excited when Muddy Hubby said we were going to fix up the bathroom, take out the window that joins the office and plumb a proper shower into the wall!!

It didn't take long for my illusions about renovating to be shattered. I knew it was going to be hard work, I knew it would take longer than the Easter Weekend (even though Muddy Hubby was certain it would be done by Easter Monday!). What I wasn't prepared for was the nightmare of plumbing in an old farm house that has been added on and added on, and dodgy pipes and a 39 year old hot water system that chose to give up the ghost while we were working on the bathroom, or the toilet that decided to block up and continually overfill my septic system. It's these little bits that have made for a stressful experience, that and intermittent water with 4 kids and 4 adults in the house!

But onward we pressed, through Good Friday and Easter Sunday, one trip to Bunnings and one Chinese takeaway, a little bit of escorting the tractor, a lap in the tractor hay cutting for Muddy Hubby and several drinks and days later we can see an end in sight. I hope! There is now no leaks in the pipes, sheeting on the walls and they have started tiling. I have a new Solatube and exhaust fan. I am busying fixing up the office side, sanding walls, puttying and soon to be painting. Hoping to finish before the new carpet goes in from the flood damage! Big expectations, yes, sleepless nights yes! I keep repeating 'It will be good when it's finished!'. I'm looking forward to a hot shower, and giving the kids a big bubble bath.

Have you renovated? What were your little hiccups that made it last longer than you planned?
Or did you have a dream run?


  1. Oh Nat, you are very brave for doing the DIY option. We've never tried it, preferring to let the professionals do it right! Can't wait for The Big Reveal ☺. J x

  2. Yes - we'e renovators.
    Well, we try to be.
    Mainly for financial reasons - but luckily, Hubby (& his poor Dad!) are very handy.
    That said, every project turns out to be bigger, more complicted, more expensive and longer than initially thought.
    We walk around muttering "always SOMEthing" every time things take a turn for the 'what now?!'

    I hope you love your results - and soon too!!
    :-) xx

  3. Oh gosh renovating, there's about fifty blog posts in that for me but I'm too traumatised to touch on it! Look forward to seeing the end result :)

  4. Blah, yes renno'ed 3 houses...the things we do...funny to look back on now though;)x

  5. Ohhhh Nat, that all sounds so stressful... and on an Easter weekend... terrible! I am literally terrified of delving into the home reno's... and there is NO WAY we would be doing them ourselves... which is a bit more scary, as more $$$
    As you know, if we stay where we are, a complete overhaul is inevitable... on a 1800's terrace... yep, terrifying!
    Just think of those long hot showers Nat.
    And look at muddy bubby, he is beeeeautiful! xoxo


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