Friday, July 13, 2012

A Week of Gratefuls

This week has been a tough one, second week of school holidays and we've been busy busy, so to try and pick me up this week I've tried to focus each on what I'm grateful for in each day. I saw another grateful blogger do this the other week and I loved it. It has worked well for me, so this week following on from last week's grateful post:

Saturday - I was grateful for a dear friend having a girl's only 40th birthday party and I got to spend a lovely evening, child free, catching up with some lovely friends and getting to know some new ones.

Sunday - I was grateful for some time on the four wheeler shifting sheep with my Muddy Pixie, we didn't fight, she wasn't throwing tantrums, we just enjoyed being on the bike together, a rarity nowadays.

Monday - Saw me be very grateful for my Muddy Hubby taking 2 of the kids so I could race into town and do some jobs with only 2 Muddy Kids, definitely lightened the load

Tuesday - Gratefulness was in abundance that it hadn't rained yet and we could keep shearing the sheep for a bit longer

Wednesday - Ironically I was grateful for enough rain to give our crops a much needed drink

Thursday - I was grateful for having such a lovely little red head with me when my Muddy Organiser came shopping with me, we had some lovely time together with Muddy Bubby before school starts back, we ate lunch in a cafe and enjoyed being together. We even bought some new fish for the fish tank.

Friday - I am very grateful to have my Mum and Dad visiting so I can try and restore order to my house, getting some time to fold washing and put it away, do the office filing and catch up on the farm accounts.

Linking up with Maxabella at Village Voices for 52 Weeks of Grateful, head on over and check it out. What are you Grateful for This Week?


  1. love it all - such simple things that lighten our loads and our hearts - beautiful!@


  2. The daily grateful list is lovely - I might try that this week

  3. lovely gratefuls!!! holidays can be full on, but being grateful for something each day is a great idea!!! xx

  4. I love this idea, especially when we feel stressed and pressured, it's great to focus on the little things!

  5. Love your daily gratefuls! Such a lovely way to end the day - I might give that a go this week too x


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