Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Push It, Push It

Lately I am tripping over objects wherever I go, inside outside, doesn't matter. Muddy Bubby is trying to be on his feet with whatever means he can. Be it truck, cart, desk chair, high chair, washing trolley, dining chair or ladder. If he can get on his feet and push it he will.

Every so often he surprises himself and lets go and finds himself standing on his own, then he realises what he's done and quickly grabs hold of whatever is closest.

I have bruises up and down my legs where I've walked into things he's walked somewhere and then abandoned in favour of something else that moves, or makes noise. It's so much fun to watch him have fun and be so proud of being on his feet. It warms my heart and brings sunshine to a cold winter day.


  1. Adorable! What a grown up little man :)

  2. And he's off! No stopping him now Nat. It's an occupational hazard, having toys and various other objects left where they shouldn't be around the house. Poor you with the bruises.
    Such a handsome happy little boy xoxo

  3. look at that proud face! but ouch for your shins.

  4. Cutest pics ever!! He's so proud! Love it x


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