Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Balancing it Out

I don't like getting too dirty. I don't mind if I'm working around the farm and get dirty, that I can cope with, as long as once it's done I can have a hot shower and clean up I'm fine. I can be a bit of a fussy parent at times too about the kids getting dirty, I KNOW that it''s all in fun and it helps with learning and creative play and all that, but still it's dirt! Which is why I LOVE that Muddy Hubby is the opposite, he gets dirty and doesn't even notice, comes home and goes to sit on the lounge filthy and I have to stop him before he sits down. I love that when the kids go with him it's almost guaranteed that they will come back having had a wonderful time and covered in dirt. If I go along with them I am fussing and trying to minimise the damage. Muddy Hubby on the other hand lets them go hard until they're worn out, no matter how dirty they get.

The same goes for risk taking, I am not an overly adventurous person, I always over think things and stop and hesitate before jumping into a task. Muddy Hubby again is the opposite, he whacks the kids in the bucket of the Dingo and doesn't hesitate to raise them up in the air, while I on the other hand fret about 'What if they fall out'. When he discovers an Emu nest he jumps right in and gets the kids in to check it out, while on the other hand I am having visions of angry Emus finding me in their nest and chasing me around the paddock (yes I have had this vision several times). Muddy Hubby has the confidence that the Emu has long left the nest and the few remaining eggs will not hatch and it's OK for the girls to pick them up and bring them home. He doesn't flinch when the Muddy Puzzler drops the Emu Egg on the Dining Room floor and it smashes open,while I am having a heart attack about how to clean it all up (true story)!

This balance we have evens it out for our kids. I'm sure if it was 100% up to me my kids would end up reserved, clean freaks with no sense of adventure.


  1. It's a fantastic balance, isn't it?
    We have a similar dynamic in our household - and mostly it's to be celebrated!!!
    :-) xx

  2. I love these pics Nat, absolutely gorgeous. And how about those emu eggs!? Awesome!
    I actually don't think you're that uptight at all. I've always thought you're very cool and calm with the kids, but I guess on an everyday basis, it's always a bit different. I am a massive clean freak with the boys and it is coming back to bite me with Angus, who doesn't like a messy table or dirt on his hands or a tissue that has been used. Haha! I think I need to lighten up a bit now, after all they ARE boys! xoxo

  3. I so relate to this post. My husband is similar to yours - I have a large dent in the fence to remind me of such moments and his words "of course he can drive a ride on mower at 7"


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