Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Balancing My World

Today marks 3 weeks until I return to the work force! I'm in two minds as to whether I want to cry or whether I want to cheer that I will be getting to have some time that reminds me that I'm not only a Mum 2 days a week, that there are other aspects to me. Please don't get me wrong I love being at home with my kids but for me returning to work is what I need to bring balance back into my world.

A couple of months ago I knew I was ready to go back, Muddy Hubby came home one day and I was in tears, I had made a big effort to do nothing house related all day, to just play with my kids, the first half of the day was great, by the end I'd had enough. I cried to Muddy Hubby 'I don't actually enjoy playing with my kids ALL day' and I was so upset because I know how many women out there would give their right arm to be able to sit at home and play with their kids all day and I felt guilty that I wasn't one of them.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I take my hat off to full time stay at home Mums, I think they are a very special breed, with patience and tolerance in abundance, which I do not have.These 12 months have been perfect, I got the last few months at home full time before my Muddy Organiser started school, I got to be there each day for bus drop offs and pick ups for the first 2 terms, I even squeezed in Canteen Duty a few times and have enjoyed being at home full time.

I am making sure I am soaking up the last weeks, making sure I spend time with each of the kids, getting them ready too. I think it will be a bumpy road ahead til we get into a groove!


  1. As they say, different strokes for different folks! I think it's very brave of you to admit that you can't play with them ALL day, because it happens for a lot of women! We're all wired differently, and different women need different things to keep their mind working. It doesn't mean you love your kids any less, and also gives you an opportunity to provide further for them! :)

  2. Oh Nat there is absolutely no need for you to feel bad, everyone is different and you need to do what helps make you the best mum you can be. Enjoy your last few weeks before you start work and then enjoy your new life balancing work and home and make sure you still take time just for you xx

  3. I can understand your feelings.
    I think part time work is a great balance for me too (and our household budget).
    It makes me appreciate the time we have together all the more and gives me another outlet, another dynamic in my week.
    Each to their own.
    It's far from easy (either way) but as you say, in time you will find that groove.
    :-) xxx

  4. 3 weeks!! How quickly has the year gone!? It is so hard being home full time Nat, I think every Mama would agree with that. It's been about 8 months since I was in 'paid' employment and though I do love most things about being home, there are still things I miss about working. We just do what we need to do at each stage we're at, there are no right or wrongs.
    Enjoy your last weeks of mat leave... end of an era on that note too! xoxo

  5. I am not really into playing either, and this is where I struggle..great now the girls can play with each other but I try and take them out somewhere so they can entertain themselves...It is nice to have something else to focus on though and this is where my SUP paddling etc can satisfy that need.x

  6. People often roll their eyes at me because i've been so happily at home with my 4 children for over 11 years with zero desire to ever resume the real work force (beyond my own little design business from home, which i'm also wrapping up) but i explain i have the right personality. I was a young mum, straight out of Uni (2 science degrees, i'm using for high school homework now) & a husband who is always away with the Army - so getting on the floor with Lego, board games & baking with the children, actually letting them crack eggs (you can always fish out the shell) & finger painting - TOTALLY up my alley. Now i'm the one who has been home alone for 4 years (4th child is in year 3, plus all the preschool years) i miss them but lap up the time to relax, create & have silence. For me it works perfectly, as i have a whole lot of other things going on like when my husband heads off to war again, yes already!!
    Straight up, children know if you're not into it, i would often set my children up to play something i wasn't interested in so i could sew, they knew it was actually their time to shine & play without me interfering, i'm sure that is how they often saw me. If you have a job you love, outside the home, you reap the benefits of coming home to cuddles & kisses from children who actually had a chance to miss you!! Enjoy, you'll love both worlds, love Posie


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